HighPressure Laminate Flooring

Aesthetics combined with High Technology have come of age

Berry Alloc has been producing high-quality flooring since 1992. In 1996 we revolutionised the floor industry with the first glue-free locking system in the world.

Their high pressure laminates are popular with architects for both commercial projects and private homes they are designing.

Our floors are inspired by Scandinavian nature, design and lifestyle. We place great
emphasis on the floor’s overall appearance and the combination of design and surface. Alloc floors are beautiful to behold, but the secret to our unique quality lies deep within: Aluminium locking system – the world’s strongest locking system – that ensures a perfect installation every time.


The aluminium locking system, in durable aluminium, provides a solid, sealed floor
surface that copes easily with heavy traffic, and can tolerate loads of up to 1200 kg
per linear metre, making this high pressure laminate flooring the strongest on the

Lifetime warranty

BerryAlloc high pressure laminate carries a lifetime warranty for residential premises, and 10-year warranty for commercial premises. Ideal for all commercial, business and residential uses.

Top quality products

The solid, durable surface layers are separately compressed and glued onto the core of the sheet. This process gives a sheet that is significantly stronger than traditional laminate, and a durable, wear-resistant floor surface. With this kind of surface, these class 34/AC6 floors are extremely resistant to scratching and staining.

A wide selection of designs

Original or Grand Avenue: 2 formats (normal and XXL) and 63 decors.
Stone: 6 designs, 2 tile sizes

Accessories suitable for all surfaces

For every type of floor, we offer accessories to suit your choice
perfectly, so that your skirtings and edges are perfectly matched.

ORIGINAL – 53 Designs to suit all styles

In this day and age, with electronic equipment everywhere, its essential that your floor can deal with the problem. BerryAlloc anti-static floors deal with the problem by instantly absorbing the static charge preventing any interference.

The same floor doesn’t draw dust and dirt, and resists stains and scratches.

For a sense of comfort, the Berry Alloc OiledTouch finish gives the serene, sensual effect of oiled parquet.

Some professions demand light. Fashion designers, architects, interior decorators are fond of big windows and doorways into their showrooms or workshops. The same
applies to loft-dwellers. But sunlight is harmful to colour, damaging to all kinds of materials. Not BerryAlloc laminates though. Even in very bright sunlight, their colour
does not alter in the slightest.


This isn’t something you’ll often hear shouted with Berry Alloc floor fitted rooms. The noise level in a place depends mainly on the floor insulation. Each sheet has a Silent System acoustic underlay. People walking about, furniture being pulled or rolled
along can hardly be heard from one room to the next.

STONE – Mineral collection with a warm touch – 6 Designs

Ideal for busy kitchens, maintenance areas and shops with earthy products.

GRAND AVENUE – On-trend collection for the high life – 10 designs

The grand avenue collection plays with the idea of space, in line with current trends. With its xxl sheets, it gives a wide view, over subtile oiled touch or wood texture surfaces.


Berry Alloc have a wide range of accessories for the High Pressure Laminate range that are easy to install. From White Skirtings (High, Rounded, Moderen and 60mm), Matching Skirtings, Matching Profiles, Aluminium Profiles to Spacers, Tapping Blocks and Cleaning Products.

BerryAlloc High Pressure Laminate Gallery