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Discover Berry Alloc decor inspirations. Looking for Lifestyle or just style, dont miss a beat and maximise your sense of joy by installing one of our current 4 main trends.

Similar to their Parquet range, laminate is available in Source, Glam, Sense and Bloom.

SOURCE – #warmth #raw nature #primitive

Creating an authentic look by using natural shades. This laminate gets extremely close to the parquet look for a warm home feeling.

GLAM – #pleasure #luxury #rococo

The application of fine materials and finishes to your floor makes for a glamourous and luxurious feeling in your home with this range.

SENSE – #softness #evanescence #lightness

A neutral light oak for a very light playful feeling. Or go for a loverly white floor if you want an even purer look.

BLOOM – #freshness #nomadic #chlorophyll

Reconnect with nature through contemporary floors.

Berry Alloc laminate floors are extremely resistant to scratches but taking a few extra precautions will extend the lifetime of your laminate.

SERENITY – Silent – Water-Resistant – Soft to walk on and ideal also for commercial use.

If you want to keep things restful then enquire about Serenity our extra silent laminate. Using an advanced acoustic top layer in vinyl, impact noise, in other words the sound that propagates between floors is considerably reduced. It provides a pleasant and soft to walk on floor.

This laminate is particularly suited to areas of high footfall such as blocks of flats, schools, restaurants or large houses with big families.

HYDRO PLUS – water resistant laminate

If you need a laminate for the bathroom then the Serenity and Riviera ranges utilise Hydro Plus to create a special water-repellent coating. These laminate planks can be cleaned with water without the risk of water penetration or warping. A spilt drink, a wet dog or a falling fishbowl cannot cause any harm at all.

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