Be inspired and share our passion.

At Berry Alloc we dream, feel, live and love flooring. More than just making beautiful floors, we create visually pleasing, durable, quick to install and easy to maintain solutions.

Our Vinyl Planks collection (aka LVT – Luxury Vinyl Tiles). Enjoy DreamClick, the new and revolutionary locking system and choose any design you see fit for your home. But most of all be inspired and share our passion.

Similar to our other ranges we have four main themes or mindsets, Sense, Source, Glam and Bloom.

SENSE – Softness, Clean and Minimal.

The color palette of Sense, consists of light pastels, from butter yellow, over peach to water green. All colors can be combined perfectly.A neutral light oak will certainly be in keeping here or go for a lovely white floor if you want an even purer look. Accessories in
pastel tones complete the look.

SOURCE – Authenticity, Roughness and Warmth.

Sometimes we want to get away from the digital world: do things with our hands and experiment. Source consists of sand and clay colors, complemented with soft pink and off-white. By choosing weathered structures in woods and tiles out of the BerryAlloc collections you can get extremely close to the natural parquet look and furthermore enjoy the ease of maintenance of a vinyl floor.

GLAM – Glamorous, Chic and Festive.

Sometimes a person just feels like oysters and champagne! The Glam palette consists of metallic gold and bronze tints, ame red and orange, complemented by deep blue, green-grey and black. The application of fine materials, fabrics or finishes all can be very glamorous, especially when paired with rich metals and sparkling cut crystal.

BLOOM – Discovery, Freshness and Garden.

People of today are office animals. Many stay indoors all day, sitting in a chair. Research shows that this is absolutely not healthy. And that is why we all want to go out and reconnect with nature. The colour palette of Bloom, is inspired by a colourful garden. From sunny yellow over fuchsia to purple. Shades of green are combined with bright orange and ocean blue.

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