The Art of Fine Carpet Making

The ART of making the finest quality carpets combines EXCELLENCE in both PERFORMANCE and DESIGN.

Westex designs LUXURY and DURABILITY into its carpets by using the best wool’s, spinning techniques, dyeing and tufting. All their processes are controlled in house at two UK manufacturing sites.

The secret of durability is in Westex’s 2 and 3 fold yarns. Ordinary carpets rely on single yarns, the advantage of 2 and 3 fold is that they act like a spring to give superior QUALITY, RESILIENCE and DURABILITY, NO UNEXPLAINED PILE REVERSAL and enhanced NON-CRUSH PROPERTIES.

With over 1400 options of style and colour to choose from there is a Westex carpet for every home and lifestyle. If you want something EXTRA, Westex offers a special dye service to get an exact unique colour.

There are 8 main ranges which can be found below.

the Ultima Twist Collection

the Westend Velvet collection

the Exquisite Velvet Collection

the Natural Loop

the Designer Stripe & Point collection

the Oxford Stripe collection

the Pure Luxury 100% wool collection

Silken Velvet Collection

The benefits of choosing Westex Carpets.

For more information please contact our team via email, Facebook message or call into our showroom.

In the meantime take a look through the gallery of different styles and examples below.