PanneauWall Panels

Recycled, Re-purposed from buildings and wine casks

Reclaim, recycle, repurpose, reuse – environmentally friendly wood cladding

The use of wood in modern interior design now extends beyond wood flooring and furniture production. Testament to this is the growing trend for wooden wall cladding. A striking and natural way to create feature walls and clad internal structures with contemporary wood styling.

Panneau is a range of chic, fashionable and eco-friendly wooden wall panels, a new way to add character and design to interior spaces. – featured in The Times Magazine article ‘What’s hot’ in January 2016

Walls can be redefined with the application of Panneau wooden cladding. Made from recycled timber ranging from old industrial and farm buildings to reused wine casks which still carry the satisfying earthy red aromas of the wine cellars. Panneau is perfectly engineered to fit together seamlessly creating stand out feature walls.

The ultra-contemporary panels are available in a range of colours and patterns, bringing the natural beauty and texture of real wood to easy to install panels, which create feature walls and surfaces that become a piece of art in their own right.

Cracked Oak

Made from off-cut strips of cured European oak which are split and cracked to form this rough hewned surface. The cracked surface and differing depths from a deep texture with the subtle pale colour of raw oak.


Ancient wine barrels are dismantled and re purposed for this amazing surface. Hues of reds and pinks can be seen which are traces of the wine and a faint aroma can be detected, a mix of oak and wine. The curved sections are cut to fit the boards with perfect engineering.

Pitch Pine

The warm tone from the aged pine are accentuated by the texture of the split staves which reveal the vivid natural grain.


Selected pieces of reclaimed chestnut from dusty old agricultural buildings. The rough sawn pieces are interspersed with carved section of architrave.


Made from reclaimed pieces of internal and external joinery from old European industrial and agricultural buildings. The pealed paint and crackled varnish of the often weather worn surface give a hint of the life and character of the building which it came from.

Torched Pine

Selected pieces of reclaimed pin are lightly flamed to produce a distinctive scorched surface which accentuates the natural grain.

Black Walnut

Made from random blocks face with a fine American Walnut veneer.


Thermo treated chunks of Eucalyptus wood are given a deep burnished earth tone, accentuated by the split rough surface.

Due to the recycled nature of the product, each panel is distinctive and original, and features variations in tone and colour that are played out on the warp and weave of the wood. The colours and grain change according to the light in the room and present a high-end and distinctive look and style.

There are a myriad of ways in which to use our new easy to install wood panels in both domestic and commercial settings.

Panneau is manufactured in Europe using reclaimed and recycled timber backed onto reconstituted hardboard. By using reclaimed and re-purposed timber often waste material otherwise unused, Panneau aims to be a truly sustainable product.

For more information on panel sizes, wear properties, finish, construction please contact our team via email, Facebook message or call into our showroom.

In the meantime take a look through the gallery of different styles and examples below.


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