HaroReal Wood Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring is known for its quality and natural appeal, it is an investment for any beautiful home. Timberland supply Haro parquet flooring, Germany’s leading manufacturer who first introduced it in the 1950’s.

We offer a wide variety of wood types, designs and surface textures to allow you to choose the ideal flooring for any room or space.

Haro Parquet is available in 3 formats.

1. Longstrip – Clear and crisp look provided by three parallel strips – 180 x 2200 mm

2. Plank 1-Strip – A modern classic which creates a spacious appearance – 180 x 2200 mm or 173 x 2200 mm (for Smoked Oak)

3. Plank 1-Strip Plaza – New, trendy board width for an impressive room ambience and prestigious look  – 240 x 2200 mm

As you can see from the images below, the two designs have completely different effects on the room – Plank 1-Strip has a calmer feel, the Longstrip creates a vivid and lively impression in the same room.

American Walnut Country – Longstrip

American Walnut Country – Plank 1-Strip

A quick note about grades.

No two pieces of wood are alike, even if they come from the same tree. Heartwood looks different to wood from the outer regions of the tree trunk. And depending on the wood species, wood from higher parts of the tree may have more knots than wood from further down. There are many criteria that define the typical character of a grade. One thing remains the same, though: it takes the keen eyes of our experienced production staff to ensure accurate grading. No machine can be that precise –and this is why our top-layer strips are always graded by hand. This guarantees that we can always
meet your high quality standards.

Longstrip Grades

Plank 1-Strip Grades

And surface finishes.

We offer four surface finishes that help maintain the natural appeal of your flooring. At the same time they protect and preserve in a natural way. Depending on the wear and tear your floor will get, there’s an appropriate treatment.

Skirtings and Wall Coverings

Matching or contrasting skirtings are also available which attach to your walls with no visible fittings.

Why not create ambience and be on trend by adding a feature or highlight wooden wall. Your room will gain a contrasting effect and benefit from the natural appeal of a combination of parquet floor and wall.

For more information please contact our team via email, Facebook message or call into our showroom.

In the meantime take a look through the gallery of different styles and examples below.