BerryAlloc Wood Floors

Real wood flooring will never fall out of fashion and is irreplaceable. Experience authentic flooring and discover the deep warmth and the irreplaceable aesthetics of this covering that becomes increasingly beautiful year after year.

Wood floors bring added value to any home, from the most contemporary to the most romantic.

Berry Alloc have a wide variety of styles and colours within their range to match your living spaces and fixtures. The latest trends can be found below.

Sense – Softness, Evanescence, Lightness, Pastel Shades
The materials and shades used on this range are soft, sometimes have patina, and are always natural.

If this range appeals then looks closer at the Emotions, Noble and Majestic collections.

Bloom – Freshness, Nomadic, Lightness, Chlorophyll

This range uses powerful but natural colours. The soft textures are combined to rougher materials. If this range appeals then consider the Cosmo, Hello Colours, Nobel and Saga collections.

Glam – Voluptuousness, Luxuriance, Rococo, Gold and Copper

This range uses is a perfect blend between the real and the imaginary, between ancient and modern purity.

If you like this trend take a closer look at Emotions, Ambition and Palace collections.

Source – Warmth, Raw Nature, Primitive, Harmony of Browns

In a faster world that can at time catch us off guard, there is a need for a simpler lifestyle. Local and authentic are the qualities, shades of beige, tan, taupe and linen.

If you like this trend then take a closer look at the Lodge and Noble collections.


Every responsible citizen is increasingly aware of the importance of a local ecology and economy. Choosing Made in France products promotes state of the art production and shorter transportation routes, therefore more respectful of the planet. For wood floors, it also means promoting traditional expertise and a love of wood that is passed down from generation to generation. Manufactured in the heart of the Forest of Tronçais, in Auvergne, BerryAlloc wood floors are natural and 100% recyclable.



When the unique feel of wood meets color, when simple rhymes with sustainable… The wooden Oak floors Made in France are being adorned with natural oils in exclusive hues. Wood floors Made in France in noble Oak wood from sustainable forests – Natural and 100% recyclable. Natural linen based oil and natural pigments – Healthy (0% COV, free from formaldehydes and solvents).

Hello Colors, 10 exclusive hues for intense colors which do not hide the nature of the wood.


AGood Looking Wood Floor Conceived to Last

Because wood is alive even after it is cut, you wonder how it will age.

PARQUET FLOORS life time Guaranteed

BerryAlloc parquet floors are guaranteed for up to 50 years of normal and residential usage.*

40 YEARS GUARANTEE – Parquet with 5mm wood thickness (Lodge XL)

30 YEARS GUARANTEE – Parquet with 3.3 or 3.5 mm wood thickness (Saga, Noble, Lodge and Ecoforest).

15 YEARS GUARANTEE – Parquet with 2.5 mm wood thickness (Palace and Majestic).

LOC LIFE TIME GUARANTEE * Please read the guarantee conditions and ask us for more information.